Model Name SK75-8
Machine Type
STD Bucket Capacity 0,4 m3
Engine 55 hp 2.200 rpm
Operating Weight 7290 kg



Unit: mm
Arm length Standard
1.71 m
A Total length 6,200 m
B Total height
(to the top of the boom)
C Total width 2.320
D Total height
(to the top of the cabin)
E Free height at the back end * 745
F Distance to the ground * 1.750
G Turn radius of the tail 3,670
H Wheel distance 2.210
I Total crawler length 2.830
J Center distance of crawlers (crawler) 1.870
K Shoe width 450
L Total width of the upper structure
(with catwalk / without catwalk)
M Bulldozer blade (up / down) ** 475 (28 °) / 305
* Not including the shoe height
** For dozer blade & gt; / td & gt;    


Model Name SK75
Machine type SK75-8
Operating weight 7,290 kg
Engine Model ISUZU 4LE2XCUA
Type 4-stroke diesel engine with direct injection, water cooled, with turbocharger, intercooler
Rated output power 42 kW / 2200 min -1

(ISO14396: 2002)

Fuel tank 2,179 L
Turn system Speed ​​of rotation 7.8 rpm {min -1


Travel system Travel engines two two-speed axial piston engines
Travel shoes 39 each side
Travel speed 5.3 / 2.8 km / h
Traction force draw bar 417 kN {40.8 tf} (ISO 7464)
Max slope 70% {35 °}
Hydraulic System Pump type 2 variable displacement pumps + 1 gear pump
Max flow rate 1 x 132L / min,
1 x 18L / min
Hydraulic oil tank 67 L tank oil level
107 L hydraulic system


Unit: m
Arm length Standard
1.71 m
A Max. of excavation 6.46
B Max. Excavation reach at ground level 6.31
C Max Depth of excavation 4.17
D Max. excavation height 7.4
E Max. dumping clearance 5.33
F Min. dumping clearance 2.52
G Max. digging depth in vertical wall digging depth 3.48
H Min. front turning radius 1.76
I Maximum horizontal plane at ground level 2.85
J Digging depth with flat bottom (short arm) 3.81
H Bucket capacity {m 3




Unit: kN
Reach / Arm Standard
1.71 m
Bucket digging force 52.7 {5.370}
Arm pushing force 39.4 {4.020}

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